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From Australia…..

Yahel and Nic, two good friends of us, had brought nice aussie souvernirs…

First, the kelpies calendar: it’s very cool this year as it comes with several pics of kelpies doing agility. Of course it’s been already hanged up in the studio at home (the ’07 one -from them too- was still there! :-)).
Second, the t-shirt: no words to say. I found the package in the morning on my table in the office and when I first saw the XL size label I thought “it can’t be.. no, no..so small“, and when unpacked, aaahhh!, it was a pets tshirt.. for Rotry, hahaha!!!!! Needless to say we quickly went home to put it on.

Rotry felt really proud to wear her original brand new aussie t-shirt.

Of course Murray wanted to have it on too. Our “little donkey” Murray always do whatever Rotry does and this couldn’t be an exception 🙂
Well, that’s the way these friends made us really jealous about the trip even with still not having seen any photos. One day we will go to Australia, don’t know when… but we will do.

Tks guys!

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Calendario Kelpie

Quería dar las gracias a mi compañera de trabajo Yahel por ponerme en contacto con su amigo que vive en Australia y especialmente por traernos este fantástico calendario de Browntrout:

Tiene muchas fotos y hay dos o tres ejemplares iguales que nuestra Rotry!

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