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Como veréis en el artículo que aparece más abajo (cortesía de mimbilkelpies) parece ser que el Australian Kelpie (Australian Sheepdog, Australischer Kelpie, Kelpie o Barb) tiene su origen en Australia en el año 1800, utilizándose en el pastoreo.

La historia dice que un Kelpie llamado Coil logró un puntaje perfecto en una competencia de perros pastores en Australia. Luego, se quebró una pata y, aún así, participó en otra competencia obteniendo el segundo lugar. La historia de Coil demuestra las características que han hecho famoso a este perro: agilidad, rudeza, independencia y gran devoción al trabajo.

“Singularly the most famous working Kelpie ever documented was the ‘Immortal Coil’. The skill and dedication of this fantastic dog brought tears to the eyes of the hundreds of people who withnessed Coil and his owner John Quinn work at the Sydney Sheepdog Trial 1898. Coil’s sire was Clyde, a son or Moss and King’s ‘Kelpie’. Coil’s dam was Gay, acquired by Quinn from Dollar Vale Station of Junee. Quinn trialed and won the first Sydney Sheepdog Trial with Gay in 1896.”

“Coil was a blue Kelpie who won the first day of the trial with a perfect score of 200. This impressive result gained Quinn and Coil much respect. However this alone did not make the Immortal Coil’s reputation. That evening after the trial, Quinn was returning to his rooms with his dog. Sydney was a busy town at the turn of the century and inexplicably Coil was injured on the foreleg by a passing carriage. Quinn must have been devastated, he cared for his dog and he would have spent a sleepless night worrying over Coil and whether to trial the next night or not. Quinn did trial Coil the next day and the dog’s outstanding performance earned Coil another 200 points. Coil’s second run was performed with a broken foreleg which he carried throughout the trial. Quinn’s dog cemented the Kelpie as a loyal, tough and intelligent working breed in the mind of many Australians.”

(imágenes de rachaeltreasure y smh.com.au)

No deja de ser asombrosa su historia, la cual demuestra la fuerza y el coraje de esta raza, rasgos que sin duda definen el noble comportamiento, siempre templado y controlador, del kelpie.

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